Thursday, September 19, 2013

A full moon kind of week...

It's only Thursday, but the entire week seems to have been plagued by yesterday's full moon. While it did make for a beautiful setting during this morning's early run, it has made for a not so beautiful week, thus far.

My stress and anxiety levels have been higher this week due to "drama" at work and in my personal life. Exhaustion seems to be higher than normal and despite this, sleep seems to have become an elusive concept. Not having the extra energy needed to let things role off by back exacerbates the everyday frustrations. I am willing to chalk it up to that beautiful moon and the crazy it seems to bring out the crazy in life.

Taper anxiety seems to also be high this week. When I was a swimmer younger, I used to love taper. It meant spending less time swimming and more time playing pool games, gossiping with my friends and goofing around.

But now, it means less time pounding the pavement, working out the stress from life. I am not good at following the taper schedule, adding in extra miles far too often. Which then leads to more worry that I am not backing off enough. So to settle my worrying mind, I have convinced myself that as long as I take it easy next week, the week leading up to the marathon, everything will be just fine. Stay tuned to see how well this works out for me...

Increased anxiety not only leads to extra miles on the road, but also more comfort foods. These have been my favorites this week:

     ~ Chocolate Halo Top Creamery Ice Cream - Its all natural, made with only natural, organic  
        ingredients and much better for you than regular ice cream and most frozen yogurts. And its

       ~ Pumpkin Spice M&Ms - Not exactly healthy, but so yummy, especially when you're anxious for
          fall to arrive.

There are two days left in the week, and I am determined to turn things around!

Have you had any new comfort treats lately?

How do you push through the tough weeks?

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