Sunday, September 15, 2013

Procrastination Nation and Future (lofty) Goals

"If procrastination was in the Olympics, you would take home the gold medal!" - my mom to me on a regular basis throughout most of my life. 

And while I hated hearing that phrase uttered by my "nagging" mother like a broken record, or so it seemed to teenage me, she was 100,000,000,000% correct. 

The latest victim of my procrastination plague...this blog! I procrastinated actually starting the thing, coming up with any excuse I could to delay the start of it. I procrastinated writing my second this post after having completed the first one. I procrastinated the "about me" page and updates that I promised in my first post. And that's just the blog related procrastinations, excluding those related to cleaning and organizing my apartment and the mountain of work for my thesis and lab work. I will break my procrastination habits...someday :)

The one area of my life that seems to have gone untarnished by my bad habits is running. Even if I am up late doing work, or have somewhere to be early in the day, I will still roll out of bed bright and early and get my run in before the day starts. The days that I don't run first thing feel so wrong. I can't think straight and just don't know what to do with myself! Maybe I'm addicted to the endorphins and can't function without them...isn't that one of the major signs of addiction? Oh well! A runners gotta do what a runners gotta do.

And this runner has decide she has gotta do the Boston Marathon. I have officially decided to set my sights on Boston 2015! My first ever marathon is in two weeks. The goal is to finish in under 4 hours, well above the qualifying time, and get one under my belt before buckling down and getting serious. I realize its going to take a lot more focus, speedwork, fine tuning of eating habits and just an over all better training plan. Hopefully connecting with the running community will help me achieve my goals, and yours too!

But for now, I am off to fight the evil procrastination monster!

Are you working towards a running or fitness goal?

Any other procrastinators out there? How do you fight the evil monster?

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