Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Treat Yourself Tuesday Link Up

A really amazing friend of mine started a blog a couple of months ago and recommended I try link ups to get myself more involved in the blogging community. (P.S. you should check out her blog, you'll love it!)

So today I am linking up with a great theme created by Olives n' Wine. I mean let's be honest, who wouldn't want to treat themselves to something special and then talk about it. Sounds amazing! I absolutely love the motivation behind it. Sometimes we focus on pleasing others so much (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) that we forget to take care of ourselves (which is necessarily a bad thing). Even if you only do something for yourself so that you have something to talk about on the link up, taking care of you, even just a little, is important for your mental and physical health. 

So here is how I treated myself today!

  • Because I have a head cold and T- 4.5 days until the Half Moon Bay Marathon, I spent the day on the couch working from home with a plethora of fluids and netflix. And of course, chicken and wild rice soup for dinner.

  • Last year, my mom and I went on a wine tour in Sonoma and I joined a wine club at the Buena Vista Winery. Today I received my September shipment! Of course that is more the winery treating me, but I paid for the wine, so in theory I treated myself and it arrived today, on a "Treat Yourself Tuesday!"

  •  And of course, what better way to treat yourself than froyo. They really need to change up their workers schedules, because the same kid is always working when I go (which is probably more than I should). I am about ready to drive farther to different froyo places just to mix it up so I don't become a regular at my local yogurt land.

How did you treat yourself today?

Any other wine lovers? Or maybe Froyo lovers? Or both?!!


  1. Love this linkup! Glad you got some time to rest today and hoping you feel better quickly before the race. Thanks for the shout-out too, you're so sweet! :-)
    (Also. Completely understand the dangers of Yoloberry. We used to drive to other towns to go get it - for a while the closest one was 20 minutes away and we STILL went!)

  2. I'm so sorry that you've had a head cold! I hope it goes away soon so you feel better for your race!

    p.s. FROYO LOVER right here....so good ;)