Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Workouts and Fall Favorites

I think I have decided that Wednesdays are going to be dedicated to non-running workouts, whether they be cross training or weight training, aka "Wednesday Workouts".

This week I am posting a strength training workout (legs and abs) from last week, as this week has been taper light on the strength training. This workout is comprised of most body weight exercises. There are three different sets, each done twice before moving on to the next.

It seems that everyone is very enthusiastic about it being fall, more so than in previous years. I have been counting down the days until fall for months, I even had it in my google calendar in capital letters. Being a fall enthusiast, I feel a bit "behind the eight ball" that I haven't posted about my favorite things about fall.

1. Cooler weather! Being born in Canada and raised in New England, these 100+ degree summer days in California are just not my thing. It also means the chances of rain are increased and there are big puffy clouds in the sky. Summers here are monotonous with the same bright sunny, cloudless days over and over. And yes, while its nice, a girl needs a rainy day every once in a while.
Pretty fall sky!

2. Pumpkin EVERYTHING! I've already talked about my love for the new pumpkin M&Ms, but i've also been burning pumpkin spice candles non-stop and using the glade pumpkin spice air fresheners.

3. Fall Decorations. Last year my mom made me a fall themed centerpiece for my coffee table. I took a picture of it and successfully recreated it this passed weekend.

This is my recreation!
4. Fall clothes. Whats better than curling up in comfy sweaters, scarves and boots.

5. Fall Foliage. Even though pink is by far my favorite color (if you couldn't tell), I absolutely love the fall colors as the leaves change. Having missed out on 4 years of a real fall while living in Miami, I have an increased appreciation for the beauty of the changing leaves.

PS - check out my "About Me"'s finally posted!

What are your favorite leg strengthening workouts?

What's your favorite part of fall? (I'm sure you've answered this a million times by now, so repeat an answer, or dig deep and think of something new!)


  1. I admire the intensity of your work outs! Here's mine for comparison (definitely not a runner, can you tell?) ;-P

    Squats, 3setx6reps
    weighted lunges, 4x50ft
    Angled/sitting leg press, 4x6
    Calf raises/presses, 4x20
    Leg extension/curls, 3x10

    Also, I'd like to integrate standing reverse lunges and some medicine ball press extensions as a way to help shape the core in addition to some of the little muscles for balance in the legs. And as an aside, I do leg presses/calf presses back-to-back and extensions/curls back-to-back.
    Loved your post!
    And don't forget your:
    dead lifts 4x6


  2. I was going to write something about fall being my favorite season, but I don't know if I can decide between fall and winter. Basically any season that isn't summer wins points with me! (Is that weird coming from a California girl?)
    My sister and I are going to try to recreate my mom's pumpkin bread this weekend. That's my favorite part of fall, hands down.