Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dx: Severe Hip Flexor Strain

Hello there! And hello hip flexor strain...

First off, I apologize for my absence this weekend. I've been coping with a running injury that has really put me in a funk, and not the 1970's funky-town funk. Second, I started this post with the intention of writing a "Mental Health Monday" post on Tuesday (yes I am behind, again). But as I was typing, I decided to make this post the back story and I will dedicate the rest of this week to discussing how to cope with injuries, specifically a running injury (but the principles can be applied to most walks of life).

This story....

Once upon a time, two weeks ago, I ran my first marathon. I didn't have any bad pain during or immediately after. Just your run of the mill "I just ran 26.2 miles" soreness. I did lots of walking and light jogging to help my muscles recover during the week after. Then last week, I picked things up a little bit, still not pushing it too much, to maintain my fitness for the Nike Women's (Half) Marathon. But something wasn't right.

I started feeling a bad pain in my left hip flexor. At first I thought it was just tight because as the day went on, it felt better. I iced and stretched and took lots of ibuprofen. But by the end of the week, the pain had progressed into something I couldn't ignore anymore nor chalk up to pure post-marathon ordinary soreness (is there such thing?).

I was suppose to run a local "Oktobrewfest" 10k on Saturday evening, but after a day of debating, I decided to sit it out. It pretty much killed me.

I decided to go to the doctor yesterday morning, and while he doesn't think I tore anything (at least not to a major degree), he does think I might have really strained the bejeezus out of my hip flexor and sent me to PT. I had my first appointment this morning, and really impressed the physical therapist with the amount of inflammation in my hip joint and my lack of range of motion. Running the half marathon this weekend is still up in the air.

Source - If we want to get technical, I injured the Iliopsoas muscle.
The last few days have been VERY tough, not running and possibly having to face missing the Nike Half Marathon. I don't feel like myself and the rest of my life just seems to be more out of control than usual. Its amazing how drastic an impact something as simple as not being able to run can have on day to day life.

Today was a better day. I am so grateful to have an amazing support system in the form of great friends and family. They have really helped me to pull myself together, at least enough to put on makeup and do something with my hair other than throw it up in a bun. In the words of my genius boyfriend "just be nice to yourself." - so much easier said than done, but i'm trying.

He's so loving :)
I am trying to remember to be nice to myself, be patient and remember that this actually isn't the end of the world, even though it certainly feels like it. What can I say, I'm a dramatic person.

So here's the game plan:

  • Treat yourself Tuesday -  How I am trying to be nice to myself
  • Workout Wednesday - Cross training and rehab
  • Thursday - The mental aspects of coping with an injury
Stay tuned!!

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  1. I was wanting to do the Portland marathon but injured my knee due to over training and poor shoes. It took me a year to get my miles back up. I have definitely learned to take better care of myself and listen to the aches and pains. Be sure to be patient and let your body do what it needs to do to heal (easier said then done)!