Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Treat Yourself Tuesday #3: Apple Hill

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As I mentioned yesterday, Jamie and I spent Saturday together treating ourselves and exploring Apple Hill. This is pretty much the perfect place to go if you want to do anything fall-like. Its basically a large area with a lot of different orchards and vineyards that people like to frequent in October because most of the orchards have apple and pumpkin picking, as well as many family friend activities. Its pretty much apple heaven!

The landscape in the Apple Hill area was so GORGEOUS!
We first stopped at Boa Vista Orchards on a recommendation from his grandma. This is definitely one of the bigger family friendly orchards. They even had a train to take you through the orchard. They also had tons (literally) of apples, pears, appley baked goods, apple cider, apple wine and a big pumpkin patch. We ate lunch here briefly, bought some apple wine and moved on to find a place that was a little less crowded.

We stumbled upon a cute little orchard bakery that was selling GIANT slices of apple pie. Jamie got the blackberry apple pie and I got the classic apple and of course we split them. They were both SO delicious!


From there we went to The Wofford Acres Winery. They were doing tastings and tours of the barrel rood and we actually got to taste some of the wine straight out of the barrel. It was so interesting to taste the drastic differences between the wines from year to year. Its amazing how things like weather and type of barrel influence the flavor of the wine so much.

Next was a stop at another small orchard for some apple picking. It makes me a little sad how many apples fall of the trees and are wasted. But it was so much fun and a nice reminder of home (there is a huge apple orchard in my home town in CT that we used to go apple picking at all of the time when I was growing up).

Our last stop was at the Jack Russell Brewery, where we had some hard ciders on the porch, while people watching and talking about tons of random things for a while.

It was such a fun and relaxing day. Sometimes you just need to ignore the hustle and bustle of real life and escape with the person you love, even if its just for one day.

How did you treat yourself this weekend?

Have you ever been apple or pumpkin picking?

Any other wine lovers out there?

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