Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Treat yourself Tuesday #4: A trip to Target

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The last few days have been very tough, attempting to process and cope with an injury that has sidelined me from running. You can read more here if you're interested.

So after having my first PT appointment this morning and racing off to lab afterwards, I decided to take it easy this afternoon. 

I started by watching the Red Sox game while answering a bunch of emails and surfing the internet. Thankfully the Red Sox won, otherwise watching the game may have been a counter productive way of cheering myself up.

I really wanted to indulge in some retail therapy, but rush hour was upon me, so heading over to the mall may have been more frustrating than beneficial.

I decided to head to target and wander around for a while. Very dangerous! But it definitely satisfied my itch to shop. Maybe. Not really. I have an addiction.
I found this super cute half zip workout top (which unfortunately I will have to exchange because its a little too big - darn I have to go back to Target).

I also got this super cute, mint colored sweater (I promise it is mint). It's a bit longer, which is great for me because I have a longer-ish torso, so a lot of tops tend to be a bit too short. I think it'll be perfect for the crazy fall weather we have around here. It can be 45 degrees when you leave for work and 80 when you come home (Not exaggerating. I'm a runner, so tracking weather is second nature to me - gotta know what i'll be facing outside the door!) 

My bath towels have been looking a little pathetic lately and they were on sale this week! So of course I bought new set to replace the make-up stained set I have now - ick! There is nothing better than a brand new, soft, snuggly towel.

And finally, what's a trip to Target without new nail polish?!?! This Essie "bahama mama" polish looks so fun but sophisticated. I can't wait to try it out - my post marathon toes are in need of some serious painting. Don't worry, I didn't loose any and none of them turned black (thats a major marathon win) but they are pretty darn chipped. Not cute. 

This is the first TYT that didn't involve food, that must be an accomplishment in itself? 

Love yourself everyone :)

How have you treated yourself recently? How were you nice to yourself today?


  1. Love the nail color! I wandered around Target myself this morning and did a little damage. I may have an addiction to retail therapy lol

  2. I love everything about this post! Target, Essie, C9 apparel (my favorite!!) ... okay, I guess I don't like the injury but a little Target therapy heals everything <3 Thanks for linking up!