Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Workout Wednesday: Marathon #2 Training Plan

Last week I announced that I will be doing my second marathon in Modesto, CA in March. It wont be the most interesting race ever, but it should be relatively flat and what i'm used to.

After registering, I looked at my calendar and counted how many weeks out it is. This week is 24 weeks until the marathon. This works out perfectly for 8 weeks of getting stronger and than a 16 week marathon specific training program.

For my first marathon, I followed Cool Running's marathon training program. I something of a hybrid between the beginner and intermediate training plans. I also seriously neglected the speed workouts, because, well, they really are my favorite thing ever. I think I was born with a very small supply of fast twitch muscles. Even in swimming, I wasn't allowed anywhere near a sprint race. But, alas, speed work makes you faster and I want faster, so I suppose I need to accept speed work.

Speedwork was (painfully) the most important thing I was looking for in training plan. I searched through many different possibilities, Runners World, Hal Higdon, Jeff Galloway, and even weighing the idea of getting a personal coach. I finally stumbled upon the Boston Athletic Associations marathon training plan. Its meant for "the newer marathoner who is seeking a more competitive performance" (that's me!!) gearing up for the Boston Marathon (that's not me), but since I am trying to qualify for boston 2015, why not use the plan meant for training for the race I want to qualify for to train for the race in which I want to qualify? Did you follow that logic...I swear it makes sense in my head ;).

I chose this plan for a few reasons:

  • The range for daily miles makes it easy to adjust based on how you're feeling that day, instead of being locked in to a certain distance, regardless of weather, life and body conditions.
  • It includes speed work geared towards marathon racing - intervals and tempos. 
  • The long runs include portions of "at marathon pace." This is really important to me because I have yet to wrap my head around the logic of running long runs 60-90 sec slower than race pace then expecting your body to do the same thing, but faster on race day.
  • Rest days actually allow you to run a couple of easy easy miles if you want. This is SO important to me because running is key to maintaining some sort of mental sanity. I get so antsy on rest days, so having an option to do something a little active is such a relief!
So now that I have a training plan, its time to focus on how I am going to get stronger over the next 8 weeks before the formal marathon plan kicks in. This includes running workouts, strength training workouts and my diet.

I found this adorable journal at Target yesterday and decide to get it for planning and tracking my workouts, meal plans and blog posts (considering this last one is sort of a little dependent on the first two, might as well saves some trees and organize it all together?). Once I get around to planning the rest of my additional life, I will share. Sharing is caring :)

Do you have any favorite workouts or training plans (running or not)?

Are you a digital note taker or old school pen and paper?

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